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Run which php and you should see something like:. Changes made to.

How to start and stop MAMP server from Terminal | Jon Ashcroft

PHP 7. If you look at the composer. Edit the. Close your terminal session and open a new one. MAMP runs slowly compared to production servers, so it needs extra time to do things.

It also needs plenty of memory allocated to PHP. Edit the php.


Our community is active and eager to help. I am finally one step closer to having my development area working! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I may have spoken too soon. After I entered the password, I had the solid grey rectangle sitting on the next line without any text so I assumed that SSH was busy working on my huge sql file. Any thoughts? This worked great — thanks! Just one note: I had to unzip the.

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Tried all possible passwords: my system password, then the one of the local MAMP db that I am trying to replace. You might not have the user created, see here. Thanks, Nick — in the end I opted for plan b which suddenly worked after restarting my Mac always thought that was a PC thing, but no! Many thanks for answering my post.

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Kind regards! Hi Very clear tutorial, thank you. Looking at the db with phpmyadmin the first 15 tables were imported successfully but then it stopped… about another 30 tables to go….


I am using symlinks and storing my websites in Dropbox. Thanks for this great help — yet strange that some things work for some and not for others.

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Want to chat? I would love to hear from you. Configuration is performed using command line utilities. Installing a copy of MySQL from source is recommended for advanced users only. There are many advantages to compiling your own copy of MySQL — including speed improvements and system specific customisations eg. Installation from source also gives you access to cutting edge features and bugfixes before a.