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  1. Why you should not build a Hackintosh
  2. To Buy The New Mac Pro Or Build Your Own? The Answer Might Surprise You
  3. $6K silicon
  4. You can build a Hackintosh for cheaper than a Mac Mini, but it's so not the same

You get newer chips, a brilliant inch display, a wonderful keyboard, and an eye-catching design. Dell XPS After years of neglect, the MacBook Air was updated in with a refined look, improved specs, and a high-resolution display. If you opt for the touch model, you'll get a screen that Apple's inch models can't match, along with a new processor and a solid keyboard, all in an ultra-slim package that still manages to offer 3 USB-C ports.

Why you should not build a Hackintosh

The XPS 13 recently saw a minor redesign that moved the much-maligned "nose cam" from the bottom of the screen up to the top, where it should have been all along. Asus ZenBook Pro The inch MacBook Pro has the biggest screen, fastest graphics, and hottest processor of Apple's laptop lineup. Plus, you get Apple's Touch Bar, which is of dubious value but is a nice bonus. It even carries the same powerful Intel Core i9 processor.

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The rest of the specs match up well, including the touchscreen touchpad—which is about as gimmicky as the Touch Bar, though reportedly more useful. Where the Asus struggles is battery life. Great power requires great batteries, and in this showdown, Apple wins.

Razer's flagship Blade laptop is another contender for MacBook Pro replacement. With a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia series graphics as the standard configuration, it's positioned to make the mightiest Mac notebook look downright antique. Intel NUC. If you love tiny yet powerful mini computers, try the Intel NUC. These computers are mini-er than Apple's Mini and feature newer seventh- and eighth-generation chips that run rings around the li'lest Mac.

You can buy them either as complete models running Windows 10 or as bare-bones kits where you add your own RAM, storage, and OS of choice.

Introduction (and Rule 1: This is Not a Bashing Contest)

And, whereas Apple charges you beaucoup bucks for a three-year AppleCare warranty, you'll get that standard with each NUC. At just 5 inches square, it's tiny enough to mount out of sight and still powerful enough to support up to three 4K monitors. The Asus features the seventh-generation Intel i7 chip, room for an M2 drive and a traditional 2. To hit this price point, Asus sells it bare-bones.

I'll be the first to admit that the iMac is a super-nice desktop computer.

To Buy The New Mac Pro Or Build Your Own? The Answer Might Surprise You

While many other PC makers try to ape this stylish, slim all-in-one, few truly match its appeal. It's also one of the models Apple's been the most consistent about keeping fresh; the current lineup runs on Intel's ninth-generation chips and Radeon Vega graphics to boot. With a wide inch curved display, you get the real estate of two separate monitors in one contiguous LCD panel. But whether you're popping full apps next to one another with room to spare, or just blowing up a widescreen movie to take up this entire screen, HP's Envy stands apart.

$6K silicon

Dell Precision Windows. That can be configured up to a core model with 1. And that's just the entry-level configuration. The bad news is that there are no other displays of this calibre at this price. Check back in a year. There are a handful of Gigabit Ethernet ports and USB-A ports, plus two Thunderbolt 3 ports and everything is so clean it looks sparse. Another two Thunderbolt 3 ports reside on the top of the device.

You have to go to the pro side of the market to find them.

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  • You and I will never, ever need 1. But someone working with medium format digital images or an 8K video project? Consider all that, and what it would cost to build up a similar machine, and the Mac Pro starts to seem not just logical, but practically affordable. The case felt cool to the touch. That strikes me as potentially impressive. The custom card Apple built is designed to accelerate the ProRes codec fancy film editors use. It seems, on the surface, incredible as it allows computers to handle 8K footage without a stutter. We do know about the GPUs offered. The Radeon Pro X found in the base model is, on paper, pretty wimpy.

    Notably, none of the Mac Pros Apple showcased at an off-site demo used that GPU, which does not bode well for its performance compared to the other cards offered. Apple opted to demo machines with the more powerful and more expensive cards based on the newer Vega architecture. Particularly given the demos I witnessed.

    The wrong CPU was selected in that build.

    You can build a Hackintosh for cheaper than a Mac Mini, but it's so not the same

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