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Also, ifconfig is one of the deprecated commands that has not been maintained for many years even though it is still available on most Linux distributions. The IP command line utility comes with the iproute2 suite utility, and most Linux distributions will come with the iproute2 tools pre-installed.

What is a MAC Address

After you have set the IP address, you can confirm whether the changes have taken effect and get the depth information of your network interfaces like IP Address and MAC Address information using the following command:. You can use the route object of the IP command to see the route packets will take in your network as set in your routing table. Run the following command to check the routing table information of the system.

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You can also add a default gateway to your system. The IP command can also be used to show the statistics of the various network interfaces. To do this you can use the -s flag. If you need to get information about a particular network interface, add the option ls followed by the name of the network interface eth0. This can be very useful, especially when troubleshooting errors in network connectivity.

How To Configure Network Interfaces Using The IP Command In Linux

The IP command is a very useful tool for every network administrator and all Linux users. It is even more useful when you are writing scripts. Let us know if this article is useful for you.

View and Change Linux MAC Addresses

I found the article very useful for setting up both eth and wlan devices with a new IP addresss. However I do have a few question about its operation. Skip to content. Post a Comment.

Changing Your MAC Address/Linux - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Blogger Templates by BTemplates. Search for:. Home Contact Books. In linux, you can change MAC address of your machine. This is how it is done.

Enable and Disable Network Interface

Yours will be different. Learn how to use the ifconfig Linux command.

You can also use ethtool to find the hardware address of your machine.